Tourist House for Rent and B&B "La Rana e la Salamandra" is an ideal starting point to enjoy the countless activities Piemonte, and particularly the Langhe, offer.
We will be glad to show all the different activities in the surroundings, help you with the choice of the destinations, with the organization of the trips and with the necessary reservations.
We don’t like being indiscreet but helping you will be a pleasure for us, so don’t be afraid of asking!


We have a natural swimming pool, where no chlorine is used for water purification, but only oxygen granular.



You may enjoy wandering around the hills or the woods, on foot, horse riding or mountain-bike cycling, on your own or with one of the several local groups organizing trips and providing expert guides to help and inform you.
In the region you may also practise different kinds of sport and activities (golf, hot-air balloon flying and many others) or relax in one of the two thermal centers in the surroundings (Acqui Terme and Agliano).
For further information about activities you can visit: Piemonte CiclabileFulludicCampo CavalloTerme di AcquiLanghe Roero .


We will be glad to give you all the information you need to go around the winding roads leading to the little Romanic churches on the rolling hills, to the Gothic churches of Asti and Alba, to the unbelievable richness of Acqui Terme and Ovada: from Roman ancient times to Baroque, their museums, several castles, or to go along the routes on the scenes of Resistance, described in the literary works by the Italian authors Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese
For further information you can visit: La CabalestaCentro Studio Beppe Fenoglio e Fondazione Cesare Pavese.


You will enjoy discovering the numberless villages in the surroundings, their history, their folklore, thanks to the village fairs taking place through the whole year; you will have the opportunity of experiencing historical and religious events and traditions like the Palio in Asti, the barrel race in Nizza Monferrato, the donkey race in Alba.
For further information about tradition and events you can visit: Palio di Asti e Folclore.


An old wise man said: “Diets always begin tomorrow”. If you are planning a holiday in the Langhe region, you can take it as: ‘’Diets always begin after coming back from the Langhe region”! Italy is famous all over the world for the quality of its food and in the Langhe region you can find excellent food and wine everywhere. We will be glad to give you information about a large selection of restaurants and wineries in the surroundings.


This region is the birthplace of many Saints worshipped by the Catholic Church and preserves one of the most venerated by the Catholics from all over the world. Moreover, the largest Evangelic and Protestant community in Italy (the Waldensian Church) lives here.
For further information you can visit: Monastero di Bose e Sacri Monti