GLAMPING AREA - The Gypsy Site

Remembering the countless vacations spent camping, aware of the fact that our teen years are long gone, we decided to offer our guests what we consider a good compromise between ‘’lively resting’’ and total relax, outdoor life combined with a comfortable private bathroom, between a dinner consisting of a several days old sandwich stuffed with corned beef expired by months and an indeed frugal meal, but consisting of a freshly laid egg cooked on the little induction cooktop just two steps away from the bed where you'll spend the night.

Not to mention the meat grilled on the gypsy barbecue standing there, ready to be used, as soon as you come down the trailer steps.

In a grove of intimacy and freedom, in a circus trailer where every dream is fair and permissible, in a little and graceful space where an idea will be able to soar into the most daring poems.

Here, alone and carefree, without having to answer to anyone, a delight for the children, free to run around with no restrictions in the trailer, in the surrounding grove, in the playground devoted to them less than 100 meters away.

The Glamping Area is free from cars and therefore from exhaust emissions and from even the slightest city danger. To get there from the parking, you'll walk a comfortable foot path, through the garden and the woods, about 300 meters long.

It is forbidden to enter the trailers wearing shoes, boots or any footwear worn outside. A pair of slippers for each of the trailer's guests will be waiting at the entrance.

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